Saturday, August 14, 2010

Shopping for school clothes sucks

I stand here in Aeropostle waiting for the wife and kids to find jeans for the oldest. It's "buy one get one on jeans"...if you didn't know when you walk in you will definitely know right after because the salesperson will tell you and every other person that walks through the door.

It's a mad house! The week before school starts is NOT the time to shop.

I am watching, gawking at people...shoppers...and they are rude! They unfold and disorganize the racks and shelves when the sales girl is right there for assistance. I can see the sales girl's frustration as she refolds another shirt and then another jeans, one after the other. Sure it's their job but is minimum wage really worth that shit? I guess there is a lot of downtime throughout the year so it may not be that bad...but still.

I guess I just am starting to hate people...rude, insensitive people who think they are the ONLY center of attention.

I digress!

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