Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wicked, revisited

I'm not really revisiting the whole Wicked thing. I just had a quick thought and follow up that I had to post.

I typed here previously about the musical.

I mentioned about how the stand-by for Elphaba was very good and somewhat hot from the long distance of sight that I had from the almost-need-oxygen level.

I was going through my desk and I found the playbill and ticket to the show. It reminded me of Elphaba's hotness and inside the playbill there happened to be a slip of paper notifying viewers that "the role of Elphaba will be played by Mariand Torres" so I thought I'd do a Googgle of her.

Sure enough, she has her own page and she looks just as good if not WAY better without the green makeup and witches hat!

That's it! Just thought I'd share that quick tidbit.

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