Friday, August 13, 2010

Shape matters, size matters not...

I was told by someone today that you can tell the health of your body by the shape of your shit. The shape of your shit?!

Now, they weren't talking cancer-detecting. But health-detection, as in maybe a fever or some minor "shit" (hehe) like that.

So, take this down: If you shit a solid piece and it's curved like a banana, then it must be a banana you sick ass! Ha, ha! Just kidding...I hope.

If your shit is curved like a banana, then you are healthy. If it's nugget-fied or ass-shrapnel, then you've got some kind of ailment.

Tell your doctor how you came to the conclusion of your sickness when you go to see him. See if they don't put you in a padded room.

The "shit" people will believe.

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