Tuesday, August 17, 2010

There has to be a better term

I'm a frequent Craiglist browser. I want decent quality stuff for (preferably) free or very cheap. I'm always on the prowl for an "office" desk. If you search the "desk" on Craigslist under furniture or even free stuff, you get a lot of listings. Although, I would say that 1 out of 10 is for what I am interested.

So, the first two pictures are what I would call an office desk. They have good surface area for a computer and desk top stuff, drawers to hold supplies, and look fairly sturdy. The first one was listed as "Office Desk" and the second was listed as "Double Pedestal Desk." Neither one of them is definitive in what they are but are near/exactly what I would expect when looking for an office (home or business) desk.

The next desk was listed under "Office Desk." You see right off the confusion this causes with picture #1. This is not a desk no matter how it is technically used. This is a table. Some could call it a work table of sorts. Maybe even desk table. This is most definitely not what I would call an office DESK.

This final desk was listed under something like "Modern/Contemporary Computer Desk." Granted, it looks exactly like what I would expect from the listing with the words "computer desk" in it but the first two pictures could be computer desks too.

I don't care what the listings are. I just wish the listings or Craigslist could help make it be more specific so I don't have to click on the link to find out that it isn't the type of desk for which I am looking. It would be kind of cool if Craigslist would integrate a picture/icon/avatar of sorts and then the listing description so we wouldn't have to waste time clicking into the listing then hitting the browser's back button. Maybe this is the way Craigslist boast it's "hits per page," I don't know. I've seen this type of image listing on other website but I think they are more of the for-profit sites versus free listings.

Anyway, I just figure with the leaps and bounds in technology, Craigslist could upgrade the listing procedures or at the least help define specific products more clearly. I'd probably have more luck winning the lottery.

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