Thursday, January 06, 2011

Inception (2010)

Some days ago before Christmas, the wife and I watched Inception (2010). I guess you could say we were excited. We heard a few reviews and comments. They all said it was a very good movie.

I guess in some way they were right. Okay, not really.

We didn't totally dislike the movie. We just didn't like it that much. We think the "liked its" were full of shit or had to be high on something at the time of watching.

Any more that requires that much explanation, about 30 minutes to an hour of the beginning of the movie is nothing but what dreams are, how they can be exploited, and inception. Too much talk a little more substance. Even the wife was bored and she likes the intellectual-type shit!

What I got from the movie is this:
  • Ellen Page is like Kristen Stewart...they don't have much of a range with their acting abilities. Maybe the older they get and the more movies they do, as long as they aren't like the one they did before, they'll be able to hone their craft.
  • Ellen Page is hot in a 'plain Jane' kind of way although she does have a weird walk.
  • Leonardo Dicaprio gets uglier the older he gets. I mean he wasn't that cute, in my manly opinion, when he was younger but he is most definitely ugly now.
  • I like Joseph Gordon-Levitt. There's just something about his personality and character in the few roles I've seen him in. He was funny in 3rd Rock from the Sun.
  • Tom Berenger is old! I liked him in Platoon, Sniper and maybe a few others but he's all jacked up now these days like Ray Liotta.
  • The movie was too long. I think it could have been like 45 minutes to an hour and it may have been more appealing to watch.
  • I disliked at the end how they showed Dicaprio's spinning top thingy. How it didn't stop spinning or may have but they cut the scene just as it looked as if it would stop. I hate when they do shit like that in movies. I mean there has to be a better way to let people know that there is a possibility of a sequel. This industry standard right now is stupid. It's like how Jason Voorhees is dead at the end of Friday the 13th movies but then his eyes open right before the scene fades to black. Stupid!
So, I guess that's my take and partially my wife's of this movie. Personally, I feel like I wasted a couple of hours of my life but there have been other movies I've done so with as well. If you have nothing else to do, borrow this from a friend but I wouldn't pay more than $2 for the rental fee otherwise.

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