Thursday, January 06, 2011

Tachyon XC HD and/or GoPro Hero HD

I guess there is some CES show going on because I'm seeing a lot of random posts on Gizmodo, BoingBoing and other "geeky" websites/blogs about upcoming products and such. It's getting kind of annoying.

However, I did see one article that is of interest, mainly because I just have been looking at this product along with another for comparison. I probably really don't need either product but I can't help but want it and see what I will do with it.

So the article title is GoPro Sports Camera goes 3-D.

I've been looking at the GoPro Hero HD (now at Best Buy for $299.99) and the Tachyon XC (now with HD for $179.99).

Again, I don't know how much I'd actually use this for action sports or whatever but I think I could find something to do with either of them...maybe both...especially if I purchase one (which I did) or both.

Yep, I took the plunge for the cheaper one (Tachyon at $179) yesterday to see what I can do with this little guy. I figured the cheaper one was a better investment for me in case I decide to eBay it or something after I find that I don't REALLY need it.

I've look at many videos from both cameras and they are both pretty cool on YouTube or wherever. It's tough to decide. I mean I like the extra effort put into make the Tachyon's housing waterproof instead of the GoPro's separate housing. The quality and options in mounts are pretty equal for both. After looking at the two again today, I have noticed a main difference in video recording. The Tachyon is 720p at 30fps while the GoPro is 1080p/960p/720p at 30 or 60fps. That's a big difference in my opinion but I'm no videophile so I don't know what actual difference in video quality it is for 30fps versus 60fps or 720p versus 1080/960p. I'm sure both are pretty good but in my uneducated opinion, the 1080p @ 60fps would have to be better than 720p @ 30fps. I would assume this is the reason for the slightly over $100 difference in price. Again, I'm not a video expert but this is obviously not apples to apples comparison but apples to apples+oranges+grapefruits.

I'm excited to get the Tachyon and see what it does for me. If I like it, I might actually jump in for a GoPro for the extra HD resolutions. Again, I'd have to research more and see a product on MY computer versus on web.

Once, I get the Tachyon XC HD and get to tinker and play around with it I'll try to remember to do a follow-up post to give my personal review to add to the many already out there. Maybe this will be the one product that I type about getting, got and used but never returned to post my opinion.

I wouldn't hold your breath.

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