Sunday, January 23, 2011

They want how much for a Zune HD?

I saw this in the weekly ad for Best Buy dated 1/23/11.

It made me think two things:
  1. They still have/make Zune HDs to sell?
  2. They still want over $200 for it?
Don't take my skepticism as hate. I loved my 1st gen Zune 30GB that I bought as a refurb from It lasted me a couple of years before I tried to replace the battery myself and forgot what I was doing and removed too many parts. I ended up breaking some soderings and shit and before you know it my dumb ass had a busted Zune. I could have done further repairs but buying the parts I needed I could purchase a brand new Zune, iTouch or something of the like.

Anyway, point is that I'm not a hater. I'm just flabbergasted that since they didn't sell well when they came out (not like they were forecasting anyway) why the hell are they still trying to get $200+ out of these things. I know. I know. They want to get their money's worth but are they actually going to? I think not.

With the iTouch moving along and advancing with the added camera, I think the other media players are falling behind. Now, I don't think I'd use the camera a whole lot on the new iTouch but you never know. I've never used a lot of functions on my basic phones or media players but once I upgraded to a smartphone or a fancier media player, I ended up using it more than I thought...usually because if I buy, I better use it.

Anyway, I would purchase a Zune HD just for the fact of having one if it was like $100-$125. But double that? Forget about it.

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