Monday, January 24, 2011


The restrooms in my building that I work in have been remodeled, except the 3rd floor. I don't know what the women's restroom looks like but this is what originally welcomed me in my first week of work many year ago.

Taken with my new HTC Evo Shift!

I'm not sure why the design of these "urinals" were introduced into our building but it's scary. What male would want to stand next to someone in the "wide open" with his tallywacker hanging out and taking a piss? And why would he? Unless you are a bunch of friends or maybe even just hunters/rednecks I could see sharing the great "wide open" as your urinal but this is a university campus building. I mean shit, at least give me a privacy panel between me and the guy next to me. You ever heard of splatter protection? Okay, maybe not in urinals that are like weird toilets.

I just thought about I had to use the restrooms in the building and I just happened to be on the third floor. Granted the third floor probably isn't a high-traffic area for restroom use but I'm sure it's still used by 10-12 people a day.

So, this was pretty random, I know. I'm tired. I was up watching the Australian Open while trying to do some reading/homework that was due for my class today. Needless to say, I barely got any work done but I did read a little. Going to bed at 12:30am and getting up at 6:30am to shower and then actually do the homework sucks ass!


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