Friday, March 05, 2010

P90X - The Proof, The "Restart"

I don't know how long it's been since I stopped (due to injury) but I believe that I am going to start the P90X-perience again this weekend. The problem is that I am still sort of injured and got a new injury to boot.

My ankle is still tender and occasionally stiff. I still play tennis and roller hockey but after the tennis my ankle is usually sore and the bottom of my foot feels like it's cramping. I have to stretch the muscle many times a day even after just sitting while watching television or being on my computer.

My newest injury is my right wrist. I play tennis and I put a lot of spin on my ground strokes with rotating or flicking my wrist. A few many times over the past few years I have mishit a ball and it vibrates the racquet or jams my wrist to a point of a twinge of pain and jarring. I tough through the pain and keep playing as much as I can. Sometimes, more than often, it passes, Other times, it doesn't but I keep playing. I'm male. It's what we do. I'm not saying it is smart. I'm just saying it's just what we do. Anyway, I might have to go get the wrist x-rayed. It's got a little bump between the socket of my thumb and index finger kind of near the middle backside of my hand. The wife thinks it might be a cyst. Some friends think it might be a displace metacarpal. Either way, I'm sure it would be best to get it looked at so I know for sure before they have to just cut it off. :-) My point of mentioning this injury is it makes it difficult to do push-ups because I cannot put too much pressure on it and it doesn't quite have the flexibility to bend like it should without some "enjoyable" pain.

I don't want to wait any longer though. I did enjoy the P90X workouts although I found it kind of difficult to fit in my schedule with having to deal with the wife and kids' schedules as well. I have a goal set in my mind to lose some weight and tone up the muscles before we hit the beach again this summer. It's not that I want to impress anybody else. I just want to feel good about knowing I look fit...for my wife, for my kids as well as for me.

Motivation has been lacking due to the cold but now that the weather is getting somewhat warmer it won't be as demotivating to do the routines in my garage again. It is damn cold in there when the weather is damn cold!

My plan is to start either Saturday night so my 7th day is on a Friday or start Sunday so it is on a Saturday. Either way, it helps to know the 7th day falls on a possible tennis/roller hockey day so I can either Stretch X or Rela-X.

We'll see how it goes. The wife express interest to do it with me. She's good at her weight watchers but wants to tone up and also build stamina and get her heart pumping strong. The problem is she is completely non-athletic. Not that it's a horrible thing but weight watchers doesn't really require any strenuous physical activity (for her anyway, I would be beating myself up sticking to the portion control and such because I lack good discipline).

Anyway, we'll see how motivate we both are this weekend.

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