Thursday, May 15, 2008

Impulse (2008)

So, I rented this movie from Blockbuster online. It stars Willa Ford. You know, Mike Modano's wife. I think "stars" gives too much credit to her performance although she was the main character.

If you want to see Willa Ford naked quite a few times, then rent it. Or borrow it from someone else who has rented it or was stupid enough to buy it. God help whoever did something THAT stupid like buying this movie!!

Willa only shows her fake breasts and a great ass in some short, tight lingerie. Her acting is sub-par. I wasn't impressed. I don't even think the part where she acted like she was fantasizing about some guy and pseudo-masterbating was very convincing.

Anyway, rent if you are desperate to see her. Otherwise, you can probably Google her and see her more naked for free.

Or rent one of those good B movies from old starring Shannon Tweed. She was actually a better "actress" and has nicer REAL breastages.

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