Thursday, May 01, 2008

TAKS test

My oldest, a fifth grader, has the science portion of the TAKS test to take today. It's an all day affair. They have all the time they need to do it. They can't have any electronics devices, i.e. cell phones—yes, around here 5th graders have them...some even have iPhones—and they must bring their lunch. I guess it's to protect the testing environment and make sure everyone (even across the state) has the same "playing field." Anyway, they have already taken the English and math sections of the TAKS so this is the final testing.

What makes me think about this is that I recall when I was taking the "TAKS" (it may have been called something different back then) we took it over like three consecutive days. Three days of lock down hell but then you were done. You didn't have to worry about it later. Nowadays, the worries anyone might have are brought to fruition once every month or so...I think they've had a month between each section.

Way to make students (especially littler children like mine) have testing stress three times a year instead of once!

Oh well!

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