Sunday, November 15, 2009

Reptile on the loose

These are from back in October 1st. I just happened to be rummaging through my pictures while watching Drag Me To Hell.

I caught this mean little booger on my patio canopy. I was pretty fast but not fast enough. Once I got this little shit between mu fingers it was sort of hissing and it bit me a few times. My wife and kids weren't at the house during this time so I was going to keep it until they got home. I put it in a little Tupperware container for about an hour. The little shit was running around crazy trying to find a way out.

I decided to let it go but when I popped off the lid it kind of like sprung out and hit the kitchen floor running! It ran to the dining room and ran up the wall. I finally caught the little bastard...again...and was able to put him back on the canopy but not before I made his ass pose for a few pictures. Kermit he is not!

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