Tuesday, November 03, 2009

In the news 11/03/2009

So, it seems a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader is "in trouble." The story is all over the news, locally anyway. I personally don't see what the big deal is other than she IS a Cowboys cheerleader but c'mon now, do people in the 'public eye' really need to watch whatever they do and post?

I think this is a great costume. She pulled it off well. Some comments were that people outside of her friends may not find the humor or light-hearted side of her outfit. I'm outside of her circle and I find all kinds of humor in it. I think Lil Wayne would find extreme humor in it...a blonde white girl pulling off a costume of him. I'd say, "Awesome" if I were him!

It's ridiculous how when a white person says, dresses, or whatever anything 'black' that it is bad but when a black person does the exact same for white it's okay. I assume it is because of years and years and centuries of black persecution. I think the whites are gonna pay for this for eternity, yeah?

One of the most recent interesting things I've seen in reference to this is the video for "Run This Town" from Rihanna, Jay-Z and Kanye. When I first saw the video, I thought of like a black Mad Max kind of theme. My sister-in-law, who is white (I'm hapa haole in case you wondered) and lives in a state of paranoia of almost all things, brought this video to the wife and I's attention this past weekend. I didn't see the racially charged statements she pointed out like "black this, black that, everything black" (lyrics may not be exact but you get the gist). I guess it could be a 'call to arms' in a sense but I wasn't really feeling it as such. The paranoid sister-in-law was. I read somewhere that it was a reference to Jay-Z's record company but you could possibly find some underlying tones in the lyrics.

Anyway, to come back on topic, I'm not easily offended so I don't know what the big deal about the white cheerleader dressing up as a black rapper is. If people fling derogatory terms around, they just being ignorant. I fling them on a daily basis while driving but I'm not ignorant (HA!) because I'm derogatory to ALL races!

Stories about the cheerleader are here (DMN) and here (Deadspin) while they last.

UPDATE: Looks like it is okay for Heidi Klum to paint her face black.

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