Monday, November 16, 2009

Green Irish Tweed Men's Cologne by Creed

I can't believe it's been a little over a year since I got my refill of Creed's Green Irish Tweed. I posted about getting some here. That was August 2008. It's not November 2009.

Anyway, I purchased a bottle of this last week from a new place called I did a Google for Green Irish Tweed and found this online vendor. I did some research on them and they seemed pretty reputable but I guess we'll have to see. They did have the best price on a 4.0oz Green Irish Tweed by Creed for Men Millesime Spray. I think with cost and shipping it was a total of $110.90. Not too bad since has apparently gone up in price. It seems that they also don't have the 4.0oz clear bottle that I purchased from wherever it was that I got my last bottle. It's now in some black, nontransparent glass bottle. My hope is that it is the same damn product just different packaging. We'll see as it should delivery by 11/18/2009. If all works out, it will be a decently priced purchased for myself.

The price differences on this cologne is amazing. My assumption is all things are equal in these screen captures but you can see the price is WAY different. The first capture is from Kiki and the second from FragranceShop.

— versus —

They look exactly the same to me but one is more than double the other. This is what makes me skeptical about what I bought although it could just be that one company wants to bend me over and make me take it dry while the other is actually selling the same product at a more reasonable price. I've seen it in electronics so what makes colognes any different? All I can do is wait and see once the product arrives.

Before finally publishing this, I did a quick search of what a 'millesime" is versus Eau de Toilette versus Eau de Parfum and came across this page which almost made me pee my pants because (1) the picture is the bottle I purchased although the bottle says 2.5 fl oz and my original purchase was 4.0 fl oz. and (2) the cost is $99.99 instead of the $104.95. This product says "tester" though which I think is basically the same as the actual product and is $4.96 really much of a difference in price? I sort of don't think so but that $4+ could be a fast food meal! :-)

So, that's my dilemma. We'll see how it turns out.

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