Monday, November 16, 2009

The things you find when you are Googling something and find something else of interest. I was looking up "hoodies" even though it wasn't the word I was really looking for and I saw these at BustedTees. If these weren't $30, it might be worth purchasing a little humor.

Click on a pic to go to actual product.

If you don't get the references, then you don't know what the hell a Nintendo is nor do you have an inclination to what humor was in the 90s.

RANDOM INTERJECTION: Why do people put an apostrophe after the zero and before 's' when referencing a 10s decade? See, we don't reference the number places of 1s, 10s, 100s, 1000s with an apostrophe so why decades? I mean how many times have you seen "The 90's" as in "I Love The 90's?" 90's isn't showing possession of anything like "That 70's Show." 70's in this context to me shows what show it is - like Tom's Show. AHA! Maybe that's it. Maybe the noun the 90's is describing is understood like in commands such as "Sit here." The "you" is understood so you don't have to say, "You sit here." Hmmmmm...?


Rizzo said...

I humbly invite you to my site - - peace.

BTW, I'm glad I found your blog! I do have to take exception to your description of a 55" LCD as an unnecessary purchase. I feel like a chump with my 40"

Jay said...

Your shirts are pretty good. I read your "About Us" and I understand having all these great ideas/thoughts and wanting to share them. That's why I started the blog but the thoughts always sound much better in my head. I guess my creativity wasn't meant to be shared fully.

You on the other hand have done a good job. I like the t-shirts. Not to take away from them though, I found myself clicking on all of them just to check out your female "models." Great marketing and helps shows the shirts' ability of stretch-to-fit. If these are friends since you HQ out of the basement, you are a lucky, lucky man. :-P

If you don't mind, I was going to reference a few of your good quips (in my opinion) in a post and link to your web site. I can't promise huge traffic as I artificially inflate my hit counters when I can.

Either way, thanks for visiting and commenting. It fulfills my "if you build it, they will come"...even if it's only one-by-one over a five-year period.

Rizzo said...

Jay, thank you for the awesome and very thoughtful response. Yes the models...... Ronda is cute for sure! I'm lucky to have her modeling my wares!

Of course you may do a post about my tees - anything you like. I appreciate the kindness!

If you get a wild hair and want to read any more, here's an interview I recently did:

Peace man, take care,

Founder, Rizzo Tees