Thursday, November 19, 2009

In the news 11/19/2009

Multiple articles of "fun" today:

From the Star-Telegram:
TCC employee fired, faces theft charge

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End of the article says he made an annual salary of $50k. That's not too shabby for 1) working at a college and 2) in this current economy. Some people are just stupid to jeopardize guaranteed, legal cash flow for a $50-$500 theft. Did I say, "Stupid," yet?

From The Soup Blog:
Jameson to Oprah: I'm One Classy Lassie

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I don't know what the writer meant by dignity but I give Jenna Jameson (Miss Jameson cause she's nasty..get it? Anyway...) props for standing up for what she believed was proper payment for her acting. I bet when she started $6k-$10k was a lot of dough for a scene. It makes me wonder if the scene was just the sex part. That would explain a lot if so because the acting outside of the effing is usually side-splitting laughable. Maybe those scenes were worth like $5-$10. Furthermore, I want Jenna to know that I'm very happy that she made it her goal (and impressed that she even had one) to become the top female porn chick. She gets my vote as ONE of the best. I'd link to some of her movies but I don't think it's safe to Google those while I'm at work.

From the Dallas News:
Odds of wearing skinny pants in Mesquite ISD: slim to none

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I think Mesquite needs to wake the fuck up with how stringent their dress code is. To not be allowed to wear blue jeans (the comfy, normal kind of yesteryear) to school is like not being allowed to go off campus for lunch as a senior. That being said, I do believe that there should be limitations on certain types of outfits and harsh punishment for repeat offenders. Saggy and baggy pants should be banned in all places but private parties, residences, etc. Who the fuck wants to see your Homer Simpson underoos? I don't know why this trend became a trend. I guess stupid kids/people thinking it's cool to want to dress like an inmate whereas the inmate had no choice and I'm sure didn't think he was at all cool because the baggy pants probably meant easy prison ass rape from your cellmate and his many friends. Tight pants are inappropriate although I did love seeing me some girls with tight jeans on during my high school years. They weren't so tight though to see every nook and cranny or reveal the elusive toe of camel but they were definitely hugging. The hair-touching collar or top of ear rule...stupid! I would have had issue with this in my high school years as I no longer HAD TO (father's rule) keep my hair short starting in the 10th grade. The comments crack me up about the rules...some for, some against, some just stupid. I think residents of Mesquite that have kids should plan to move and/or boycott the public schools. See how Mesquite pays the teachers, school board, and all then...beeawtches! That's the funny thing. It's public schools requiring some of these rules when the parents in the district are the ones paying to fund the schools and that's kind of why people go to public schools versus private...a little less strict on some things.

Anyway, I guess I'm done for now. By the way, Woot is having a woot-off today. It actually started yesterday and is still going, going, going...

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