Sunday, November 29, 2009

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

For some reason, there is a running of all three original episodes of Star Wars on Spike. I started watching at Episode VI because there is nothing much else to do right now. It made me think of a couple of things that are of no consequence but crossed my mind:

1. How come the Shuttle Tiderium that Luke, Leia, Han and Chewie are flying and trying to land on the moon that the new battle station is orbiting couldn't just land on the "dark side of the moon"(LOL)? I mean the shield generator is on the moon, pointing the shield around the orbiting space station not the entire moon as well. So, they land on the opposite side. Trek across the surface and blow the shield generator.

2. When Oola (or click here for a Google search) is resisting Jabba the Hutt right before he drops her in the Rancor Pit, she flashes a boob. Yes, folks, Star Wars flashes a boob. It's a green one and it's very, very quick but it's there. Slow mo it. You'll see it.

3. How come Luke or Darth Vader don't use the force push? In Episode II and III, I think Obi Wan and Anakin used the force push often. Did Anakin forget how to use it when he became Darth Vader? He could use the force pull like when he's throwing and pulling shit in Cloud City when fighting Luke for the first time but he can't push!?

4. How hot was Carrie Fisher in this movie. I mean that slave girl outfit. Damn! Now she looks like a sure-fire manly lesbian like Kathleen Turner!

5. Why didn't Darth Vader get pissed off that the Emperor wanted Luke to kill him and "take his father's place by [his] side"? My master turns on me like that after all the bidding I've done for him, I can tell you I'd be thinking about #1 and kill that mo-fo first!

I guess that's all I have for now. I'm still watching the show so I'd better get back to "enjoying" it instead of nitpicking it.

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