Thursday, November 19, 2009

Green Irish Tweed...has been delivered!

My order from FragranceShop that I posted about the other day was delivered (dropped at my doorstep) by UPS on its expected day of delivery Wednesday evening. I was excited to open it and see that my product was what was to be expected. Thank for the aroma gods for I was not disappointed.

Although the bottle was different, the scent was the same. It scared me a bit at first when I first got the box open and pressed the spray top down a couple of times and nothing came out. I was like, "WTF?!" After another press or two, the liquid finally found its way through to become a nice, smelling...and correct...scent of Green Irish Tweed. My how I have missed that scent. The wife concurred. I had to literally beat her off with the empty box.

I can't believe it's been a year since I had a decent cologne spray. It's more my fault than anything. I hate to spend money especially ridiculously high costs on something that I don't particularly perceive as important. Obviously, important enough to blog about but not spend money on. I didn't NOT have any smelling sauces since last year. I was just trying to get cheaper priced ones. I did try Sean John's Unforgivable. It ran something like $90 at Nordstrom or Foley's or some place like that in North Park Center. I don't frequent that place enough to know the stores it contains. Anyway, Unforgivable had a decent smell. It didn't stay too long with me though but when it was half of GIT, it was a little bit worth it as I just used it mainly for work (8:30-5) and the occasional (very rare) social outing. I haven't research prices on it lately but if it was cheaper than $90, I would buy some more. The problem is that if I can now get GIT for $110 then I would rather get it than Unforgivable.

Anyway, if you are in the market for some cologne/perfume, I would definitely price compare at FragranceShop. I did and I wasn't disappointed in getting the exact same product for $110 versus $150 and even $250 at other places. If you have expendable cash I guess you don't care and I would love to meet you. The wife and I are always in the market to find a sugar mama or daddy. :-)

I was just thinking that I should get some sort of commission for blowing Fragranceshop's horn on my blog!

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