Wednesday, February 03, 2010

#1 song on your birthday

More Facebook stuff that I don't really care to do on Facebook but I will share with my blogging fans...All zero of you.

The deal is to find out what the #1 song was when you were born. At first, I Googled and got one song. It was Want Ads by The Honey Cones. Apparently the web site I first visited wasn't detailed enough.

After further Googling, I visited a few web sites and they all agreed that the #1 song was I Feel The Earth Move/It's Too Late by Carole King. Apparently it was a sort of mix of the two or the sites merged the two songs since they were both the top of the charts during that time. I don't know. I'm claiming being a victim of believing whatever I read on the Internet because it has to be true since it's on the Internet.

While on the YouTube I saw some "related linkage" to a remake of I Feel The Earth Move by Martika. I kind of like her version because it's peppy, newer and she's just downright HOT! Funny thing, though, is that I always thought Martika was a one-hit wonder with Toy Soldiers. Shows you what I know.

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