Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Basketball fouls are so subjective

I haven't watched, I mean really watched, professional basketball consistently in a long, long time. I would say the last time I made it a point to watch pro basketball games (I recorded many on VHS...remember those...and watch them later even after knowing who won) was when the Chicago Bulls won their first championship of the first three-peat.

I mention this because I wanted to show a knowledge of B-ball but reflect that this knowledge is probably outdated.

Anyhow, I am watching the Mavs vs. Warriors game and I see a lot of what I would call over-the-back fouls. Now, I'm sure there is some "real" rule that says there needs to be contact or something like that but the shit I have seen just in this game alone, makes me wonder if the refs even know what the foul is.

Some might say that the taller guy is reaching over the smaller guy. I'm not sure that's how it's going. I see a Warriors player jumping up behind a Mavs player (in what I would call obvious over-the-back) with a hand on the Mavs back or some definite body bumping but the refs don't call it. I mean really, when the player in front literally is slightly pushed forward a bit because the player behind them is reaching over them, I would think that's called OVER-THE-BACK!

This isn't a foul issue but I don't understand the coaching of the teams in the last few minutes of the game. Let's take this game again as an example.

Here's the scene set up: The Mavs are up like 101 to 92 with something like 2:25 left in the game Warriors have possession. Jason Kidd makes a steal at 2:22. He runs the ball to mid court and then launches a lunging pass towards Jason Terry who is near the top of the right-side of the arch at 2:19. The pass is picked off right at Jet's fingertips. The Warriors make a break back to the offensive zone and draw a foul from Jason Kidd at 2:12. Warrior player shoots and makes the two free throws. Mavs throw in and run the ball to the offensive zone at roughly 2:00. The 24-second shot clock is at about 19 seconds. One of the Mavs (I think it was Jet) takes and makes a shot (I think it was a 3-pointer) at 15 seconds on the shot clock and about 1:45 on the game clock. Score is 104-94. Warriors take it down and makes a 2-pointer. Mavs run back again and just barely make the 2-pt basket. Some way the game comes down to like 1:20 left and a 7-pt game.

I guess my point is why the hell the coaching staff on the leading team doesn't say, "Okay guys, we're up by 7 (or whatever). Work the shot and game clocks by getting the ball into the offensive zone, running down the clock and making our shot."

Instead, I've seen many seemingly wins turn into losses because they don't work the clocks. They take some dumb shit stick showboating shots and miss while the losing team makes their shots and before you know it, the game is tied and/or the losers are now the leaders and eventual winners in most games.

You see this in football when they run the clock, kind of like kneeling when you can. I just don't understand the mentality of wanting to shoot and shoot and shoot but you miss and miss and probably miss again. I've see a few where the point spread is like 10-12 points and somehow the losing team brings the pain and wins because of the stupidity and ignorance of the was-winning team.

I guess that's my rant. I've been intermittently typing this between watching the Mavs vs. Warriors, Ducks vs. Red Wings and whatever else can distract me so it may not be a cohesive though. Sue me!

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