Thursday, February 04, 2010

Jennifer's Body (2009)

I watched Jennifer's Body (2009) two nights ago. It wasn't that good of a movie but it also wasn't terrible.

It had it's moments like here but it never showed this which I assume must have been some secret behind-the-scenes-secretly-shot photo because it most definitely was not in the movie!

Anyway, the acting was sub par which is too bad because I really like that girl from Big Love and Mamma Mia!. Okay, I lust for her in a boobalicious kind of way...she's kind of cute too. Megan Fox is hot as well but she's hot in all her movies. She also has to depend on that hotness to get her through the acting world because she is not a professional at her chosen craft. She's not even close. Sometimes when I watch her in movies it's almost like she's looking at cue cards or some off-camera whatever that has captured her know, distracted. I don't see why directors let this go because if it's obvious to me it has to be to them. Do they overlook it because of her hotness will sell tickets whether her acting is good or not? I don't know. I'll rent for cheap her movies for her hotness but I won't pay $10 at the movie theater.

The story/plot was kind of weak. The part where Jennifer invites the Goth guy over her house and he ends up going to some weirdly, very dark street with no cars on it and no lights lit in the houses was lame. I mean, I'm all about getting the vajayjay but I've seen too many movies to be going to some place like he did based on the hopes of getting laid versus knowing I'm getting laid. Even with knowing, I probably would have kept on driving because I'm scared of the freaky, deeky, eerie, dark streets!

For a somewhat horror-type movie, they didn't show much of the horror. There were sheet shadows and quick glances of the "demon inside" but there were no good graphic, scary shots of this monster.

So, even with the occasional hotness of girl-on-girl deep french kissing, this movie is truly passable. I would have been just as entertained if I re-watched The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. Yes, I've watched it once before...only once!

FINAL VERDICT: Pass! There's no real draw to endure this movie.

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