Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I do have a heart

I was over on Wordpress looking at a "Freshly Pressed" post. The post is here.

I commented on the post but I didn't have the balls to submit my comment. Okay, I really did but I didn't want to.

My comment was really a rant. I think it was productive but it was also very opinionated and judgmental. Both things that I am and should have posted as such but then I started thinking. What if...

No particular "What if..." but any. My mind raced. My thoughts bounced here and there until I came to an epiphany (definition 3a-3). I thought, "I'll save this person from my ranting, berating, criticizing comment and post it on my blog instead."

So, read her post here and then relate it to my comment below:
I'm not a doctor but I play one (among other characters) in the show that goes on inside my head. Although I don't understand how parents give up or lose control, I don't judge (okay I do a little but that's just the way I am).

This is learned behavior. I assume that she knows you will clean it for her or eventually just "let it go." My kids occasionally do the same and I have to lay down the law: no TV, no computer, no phone, no friends over, no going anywhere, no nothing until the room is clean. It's amazing when you tell them they can't do the things THEY want to do how quickly they do the things YOU want them to do.

Kids need to be free but they need to know that there are guidelines that need to be met for this "freedom." I bet your daughter still enjoys her life, her friends, her whatever while being overwhelmed.

She clearly has a lot of clothing, a TV, and trinkets and things but she doesn't seem to appreciate them or you. Don't you think she could show a little respect to the people who allow and provide her the ability and means to enjoy life!?

I apologize if I come across harsh, condemning and judgmental. It just irks me to see this. I can't watch The SuperNanny or The Dog Whisperer without wanting to clobber a few mothers, fathers, and owners. I then want to slap me some kids or pets for being disrespectful and not appreciating the "pack leader(s)."

I just feel like I didn't decide to be a parent or pet owner to let them control me or for me to give up when they don't respect me. It frustrates me because I know I give everything for my family (pet included) and for them to not at least attempt the same, boils my blood.

Again, sorry for the rant. I'm sure your daughter is otherwise a wonderful kid as they all are. They just have these teeny, tiny little issues that should be obvious to them but aren't.

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