Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Who's Your Doppleganger was making the rounds on Facebook last week. I didn't get into it because I really just use FB to voyeur other people (without the seeing of sex acts or sexual organs...although there could be an app for that. HA!).

Anyway, I did find a picture of a couple of guys that she thinks I look like. I've heard more that Mike Tomlin looks like me (he's younger than me so he looks like me, right) than Omar Epps (I think just the wife thinks this). I can see the resemblance to Tomlin. Our eyes, cheeks, overall facial structure is similar, facial hair is similar where I sport the goatee/door knocker and his is more of a chin strap. I don't know why my wife/friends can't find a person of Asian descent or even White because I would think there are more look-a-likes there since I am Asian/White. I think my wife just has jungle fever.

I could have done worse with the look-a-likes, right?

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