Friday, May 28, 2010

Can we say, "Overcompensation?!"

I was linked to this video from somewhere else (can't remember from where) but a thought was provoked after watching some of it.

Al B. Sure was so overcompensating for being gay. I don't have anything against gay people just those that aren't "out" yet and feel like they need to be more "manly" to show that they really aren't gay no matter what people might think. We had a guy like that in our program. He was always wanting to arm wrestle with heterosexual men to prove his manly strength. He would do the whole jr-high-wrestling thing with some other guys where you put them in head locks or punch arms to show he was "jockish."

Anyway, you can see a lot of Al B. Sure's actions in the video are clearly overdone and seemingly unnatural for him. I'm not sure what his actual orientation is nor do I care so this is just my observation and thought...

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