Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why aren't there any SSD in-dash vehicle radios?

They made AM radios. They made AM/FM radios, you know the 3 FM, 2 AM kind. They made radios with 5-6 FM and AM channels. They made radios connect to CD changers residing usually in the trunk. They made radios with built-in CD players/changers. They made radios with DVD players. They made radios to read from USB flash drives. They made radios with 3.5mm connectors.

So, where the heck is the SSD radio? I am surprised that this hasn't come up in some company's drawing board, yet. I'm sure it's a production cost issue but I bet that was the same with the CD, DVD and other radios. Making it costs but people will stupidly pay a premium for it like they do everything else.


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