Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lake Bell in Over Her Dead Body

A coworker of mine let me borrow her rented movie of "Over Her Dead Body." It started out kind of slow but it's gotten a little better around the 45 minutes mark. Yeah, it took about that long.

The first thing I noticed was in the credits Eva Longoria is listed as Eva Longoria Parker. Was she afraid that no one would know who she was if she went with the last name Parker alone?

The second thing I noticed is that the psychic in this movie is HOT! Her name is Lake Bell. She does have a near unibrow but other than that...DAMN! I mean she is overloading the blood pressure, for sure!

Anyway, by the time I finished the post I finished the movie. I would rent it for a buck or two or borrow it from a friend. It's worth a watch after the first slow/boring fifteen or so minutes.

Oh by the way, here is a picture of Lake Bell. Click on the picture to see a few more while they last.

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