Friday, September 17, 2010

Gordon Biersch

The wife and I were joined on our date night by a couple of couples. The wife had spoken so highly of my awesomeness (of taking her out on a date once a week) that these couples asked if they could join us the upcoming time.

We said, "Okay," for this time but she and I decided we don't want to make a weekly or even bi-weekly habit of it. For one, I like to be on our time frame and our spur-of-the-moment choice of venue to have our date. Not that our friends were annoying or anything, it's just we like our "OUR" time. For another, I don't think the other couples will be as willing to do a weekly outing (thank God!) because of money, kids, and busy-ness. The wife and I don't always have to eat and we don't drink as much alcohol as our friends so it's not as costly for us. The wife and I just like to hang out together without the kids to give us and the kids a short break. We may do a monthly couples thing but we haven't all decided/confirmed on this idea as of yet.

So, this date night we gave our guests the option to pick the venue. One guy, let's call him Mr. P., suggested some place I forget the name of at this time and Gordon Biersch. I've seen GB a few times since they built it but I haven't ever had the chance/need to go in. This was a good opportunity to check it out. We said we could go to both places or just one they preferred. We decided to start at Gordon Biersch and see where we felt later.

According to our bill, Tiffany D was our server...although there were a few creepy, older, White guys that seemed to be regulars (alone ones other than each other) that said her name was Stephanie. That's what happens when you ask buzzed, over middle-aged, probably slightly horny old men what the waitress's name is.

Anyway, Tiffany was very sweet and attractive. She was tall, petite with a very pretty face and personality (as much of it we could assess from her few minutes of attendance in front of our group). It just happened to be Oktoberfest at GB and they made all the employees where German or semi-German outfits. I say semi because some of the guys' outfits were like khaki pants, white shirt and suspenders. You get the point but not much thought was put into the wardrobe. Some of the waitresses and female bartenders wore the more frilly short skirts/shorts with low-cut tops and matching shoes. Again, Tiffany looked extremely hot in her outfit. I told my wife that I would tip Tiffany at least 20% even though her overall service sucked because every time she came to our table she would bend over to pick up the glasses and such. Purposefully or inadvertently, she would flash me her nude-colored strapless bra. If it weren't for this bra and her not having more than B-cups, Tiffany would have periodically received folded one-dollar bills from me.

Okay, enough about Tiffany and more about the restaurant.

It looks really fancy, okay sort of fancy, from the outside. The entrance is a revolving door...a spinning door. We headed in and were told there was a wait. WTF? A wait, on a Wednesday evening at 6:30pm? Luckily, we had Mr. P. with us who is a frequent patron and he had a V.I.P. card. This V.I.P. card got us access to the "ever secure" patio. On this patio, the seats were taken but they were serving free food: bratwurst, some toppings, and hot pretzels. I got one bratwurst because I didn't want to look like a mooch like all those beer-guzzling bar-combing losers. Turns out, I should have because when they ran out of food Mr. P. and Mr. D. didn't get any food. They were combing the other end of the patio for empty seats. Luckily, Mrs. P. and Mrs. D. followed suit of Jay and were able to at least give them a few nibbles of their bratwursts. After about 30-45 minutes, we were able to snag some patio furniture and seating in front of the outdor fireplace.

That's when Tiffany found us. And how delightful it was when she did...and every time she briefly visited thereafter.

Um...Tiffany told us about the 'fest beer which was the brew specifically for that day for celebrating Oktoberfest in mid-September. They weren't too sure about it so Tiffany said she could bring samples. I decided I would sample it along with the group. Tiffany brought sort of like shot glasses as samples. We all toasted and took our tastes. It wasn't too bad. I don't drink but I know when the taste of beer sucks versus really sucks...I guess sucks to me anyway. To me, the self-brewed beer establishments all sort of taste like Shinerbock or a version of it. After the tasting, the Ps, the Ds and the wife ordered one each to begin the evening. And it was a nice evening overall.

I think I'll end there as I've kind of lost the need for a recap since it's been a few days.

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