Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I think I'm tired of working and going to school

I'm sure I've posted about it before but I'm going to be like the 40-yr-old undergraduate graduate. I've got something like 24-28 hours left for my BBA. If I could go full time, I would be done in a year but I work full time so that means it will take me approximately another two years. I don't mind really.

What I do mind is that I do not have the "unlimited" freedom I would like. I quote unlimited because even without school I wouldn't have fully unlimited because I have responsibilities like kids, wife, car payments, rent, etc. I just would like the freedom to say, "Today, I feel like just sitting at my patio table to enjoy the wonderfully cool and refreshing weather we are having in Dallas the past few days," and not worry about having to read a chapter (which I usually push off anyway), study for an exam or take my B&W photographs for my class critique.

I'm distracted easily as it is but pushing off what I need to get done for work takes a toll on my later. My fault, yes, but still not fun.

Sometimes I think to myself how awesome it would be just to be an employee. To work from 8:30am to 5:00pm and be done with my required thinking. I want to enjoy the lazy moments with my wife and kids. I want to randomly walk around the neighborhood with my dog and not care that I am walking for an hour instead of 30 minutes.

It was so nice last week. I skipped class (except for Monday, and not totally skipping because I was the only one in the office to hold down the fort and Wednesday's class was a work day) and it felt fantastic! Of course, the worries I have now are a test next week in one class and a photo critique in the other. I have read one chapter for the test and will read the other tonight (maybe) but I am still lost on a theme for my photography class. I have some ideas but then I shelf them because it requires too much work in the sense that I have to go somewhere, I have to get people to help out, and some background setting is usually needed. Hopefully, I'll come up with something...hopefully, because I HAVE TO!

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