Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Staples has some of the dumbest coupons

I'm on a newsletter listserv for Staples. Yes, I'm on a bunch of e-newsletters that may or may not benefit me at some point in time.

Anyway, I got this email today with the header reading, "Hurry! This coupon ends Saturday." Of course, I open up the email to see how awesome this coupon is and this is what I see: $5 off my purchase of $50 or more. Are you shitting me!?

What is with the store advertisements and pricing "deals" these days? This is nothing special and it isn't that devastating for it to not be used before Saturday. Granted, $5 is 5$ but to have to spend $50 is not a good or decent return on an investment. What if I go to Staples to get something I really need and the total only reaches $40 but I was lead to Staples because I wanted to get $5 off? Should I purchase something not necessary to reach the $50 mark just to get the $5 off or not? It's always, "Hell no!" with me but others may be different. Now if it was something that I was having to pay $45 for in the first place then making an additional $5 purchase to get $5 off is sort of okay because it's close to getting something for nothing but then you add tax and we're back to "Hell no!"

Oh well. I think I posted something similar in regards to a Sports Authority coupon scam. Yes, it's a scam no matter what they may say.

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