Friday, September 24, 2010

In the news 09/24/2010

My niece forwarded me a story from about a hit-and-run fatal accident in Euless, Texas. Click here for the article while it lasts. I don't know why other than that we grew up in Euless although she's like ten years younger than I.

What's weird is that without even starting the video they had along with the story, I recognized the man it was about. I didn't know his name and I didn't know about his life but he was the guy that almost always took my order at the Taco Bell at the corner of South Main St and Hwy 10/Euless Blvd. Since moving to Dallas some ten years ago, I would occasionally (at least once a month) stop by this Taco Bell on the way back from playing tennis Saturday mornings in Hurst.

Richard Neal wasn't always the most talkative when I was dining in or driving through but he was always cordial when asking for the customer's order. Sometimes he would talk fast or mumble with his low voice that I couldn't always understand him. He never lost patience though. He would walk around the dining area to clean up and/or mop. I noticed he would sort of take tiny steps or shuffle steps. I assumed he was "old" but not elderly, know what I mean? I didn't know he had a cane because he didn't use it at work when I would see him or that he suffered from arthritis. I don't know his situation but the first time I saw him it upset me that this is how America takes care of it's old and elderly where they had to work at Taco Bell to get money and insurance. Again, it's just my assumption. Mr. Neal could have been working because he wanted something to do or people to engage with.

What I do know is it's always some dickhead like Christopher Holland to fuck up the sanctity of a hard-working person's life, if not end it. I don't care what Christopher Holland was doing. It's what he did after hitting Mr. Neal that questions what he was doing and what kind of person he is. I commend the girlfriend for turning him in no matter what the reason (read the comments for reference). Christopher Holland's actions after the accident should automatically sentence him to an amount of time, like 3-5 years, without having to be negotiated. Any sentence he may get for the actual crime, if there is one, should start after the initial sentence.

Anyway, I feel for the friends, family and customers that knew Mr. Richard Neal. A dedicated employee who ailed as he did but walked to and from work without fail deserves recognition by the community and especially his employer!

Rest in peace, my in peace!

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