Thursday, September 23, 2010

M1 Carbine

This is an M1 Carbine. For reference, it's the gun that Tom Sizemore's character carries in the movie Saving Private Ryan. Not to be mistaken for the M1 Garand which is what I kept doing when my buddy was talking to me about it.

So, my buddy had the M1 Carbine in Pennsylvania where he grew up. I don't know how he came into possession of this historical weapon but it's pretty cool.

I guess I should feel honored that he trusts me with it because a couple of weekends ago he lent it to me to take to the ranch, aka friend's 9,000 acres, to shoot. I haven't gone yet but he figured I'd get a chance to shoot it before he would. I'm looking forward to shooting it when I get some time to visit the ranch. It's about an hour and a half drive towards east Texas.

The gun is actually kind of cool to hold. It's solid wood which is weird compared to my .308 which has a polymer frame. The wood is in surprisingly good shape for a 60-yr-old rifle. The rounds are .30 but I think he said they are of a special kind not found at the local 7-11. He gave me a box of like 10-15 rounds but I'm going to see what I can locate because I think it might be a pretty fun rifle to shoot...depending on the price of the ammo. The box he gave me had two price stickers. One before the Obama tax increase scare and one after. I don't recall the exact pricing but the difference was in the neighborhood of $15-$20 more after the score. Crazy!

Anyway, I'll see if I get to shoot the rifle in the next week or so and I'll try to post about it because I know there are so many of you out there reading my posts AND care about guns.

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