Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sprint HTC Evo 4G

My wife has talked me into getting her the HTC Evo on the Sprint network. We have had Sprint for a long, long time and I have never really been disappointed by it's call service and quality. There is the once-in-a-while static calls that I dial the number and/or answer a call and it's nothing but static. It's easily fixed by hanging up and calling again. Not efficient if it's a 911 call but it happens so few and far between that it's a non-issue right now.

I must admit the Sprint customer service is between 5-7 on a scale to 10 but it's not completely horrible. It is beneficial that the mobile service is pretty damn good that I don't have to call customer service. The only times I have called is to get my phone service, complain about why I'm getting a charge as a long-term customer that new customers are not getting or to remove that stupid-ass, fucking-retarded activation fee of new phones. It's used to be $15 and I think it's something like $30 now but I'll be damned if they will keep that charge on there for as long as I have been a customer.

Oh crap! I went off topic.

So, the wife is getting an Evo. We stopped by the local Sprint store and put in an order. The phone is a pretty hot item right now so they didn't have any in stock and there are none available online. The store guy said a shipment was coming in Tuesday, today, of nine phones and four were already reserved. For a $50 deposit, he could reserve one for her. We did. Then as we drove around, we wondered if other stores might have them in stock. We check two in close proximity and both were out as well. She was bummed because she wanted to play with it over the weekend. Oh well. Didn't happen and Jay wasn't a replacement for the playing. :-(

A quick side note: As mentioned, I've been with Sprint for a long time. As such, I'm what they are calling a premier customer. I don't know if that rates me with someone who has 2+ years of service compared to my 10+ but it does make me sound special (I just don't feel it). We've only had our current phones for a year but as a premier customer I can upgrade in a year with the same pricing as a new customer. So the Evo will cost me $299+tax out of pocket. Yep! Ho-ly shit! It does have a $100 mail-in rebate because of their 30-day money-back guarantee which is pretty cool but I don't know how cool because I've never used it. So then the phone will have cost only $199+tax. Oh, and the $10 "premium data" add-on for the 4G which I'm sure is available in Dallas but I hear it's not widely available like in Podunk.

She'll pick it up tomorrow and we'll see how she likes it. I'll see if I can get some hands-on time with it and give my opinion as well. I've played with a coworker's Evo a little bit but not enough to get an in-depth view/feel. So far, I know it's similar to the iPhone but it is slightly bigger. The battery usage is atrocious but so was/is the iPhone. I'm a little put off by the everythings-touch versus tactile because I'm used to a BlackBerry Curve. Of course, I used to have a Samsung M or A 900 flip phone and when I changed to the BB Curve I didn't like it much either but I eventually loved it after getting comfortable with all it's functionality.

The wife doesn't use her BlackBerry Curve to quite the extent I do and I mentioned that she would have too much phone in the Evo and it would piss me off if she didn't use it for all it's worth OR answer the damn thing when/like she should. For instance, she turns it off or on vibrate before teaching her class and then...it's fucking silent for all purposes since it's in her purse because she doesn't turn the ringer back up/on after. It pisses me off to no end to call and call and call and she not hear/feel her freaking phone because she's retarded. Yes! I called her retarded. She likes it when I do. Okay, she doesn't but I think many thousands of people would agree with me that her actions are retarded!

Enough on that and I'll see if I can get some play time and review the Evo when we get it.

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