Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Australian Open

I think it's time to have new blood in the Australian Open finals. The Williams sisters are great players but the bring too much drama, attitude and NOISE with their game. It's nice to see Justine Henin return but she had her time although she's still got a great one-handed backhand.

I am rooting for Na Li although she's down one set to love and currently winning the 2nd set 6-5 when she was down 4-0 against Venus Williams (and Venus serving now to stay in the set).

If Na Li can't make it, there is still hope for Jie Zheng. She will play Henin which should be a good match.

I guess I'm just ready to have some new nationalities winning in tennis than the same old Americans, Belgians, Spanish or Russians. I think it'll be a first too if a Chinese player wins a major.

Now that I've labeled them by their countries that brings me to a point that bugs the shit out of me. I think the commentators should have their asses jabbed with a baseball bat with nails when they call the players by their country. They'll say, "It's a good shot by the Belgian," or "First set to the Spaniard," or "...the American," "...the Russian," "...the Argentine." Why the hell does it have to be about race or creed? I can understand if it was a world championship like the Davis Cup or the Fed Cup. But the Australian Open is called such because it's in freaking Australian. I think they are just racially prejudiced commentators. LOL!

The other thing that bugs the shit out of me is how the women players are always wanting equal pay and shit. Fuck that! Equal pay should be equal play. If the women want the same pay, they should play 3 out of 5 sets and NOT 2 out of 3 sets. They also shouldn't have "coach time" when they play. Coach time is when the female player is able to have a consultation with their coach once (maybe twice) in a match for like the time of the change over or another set time, I don't know for sure which. The men don't EVER have their coaches come on the court for consulting and haven't ever asked for this option.

Along with this equality of play, I think someone needs to do a cost effectiveness study of the men's and women's tournaments/matches to see how much viewership and/or revenue is brought in by each. If the women outperform the men, then that's a check in the justification for equal pay for women column.

Then let me make a final comment about Serena Williams and the huge fine she had to pay for her outburst/threat at the U.S. Open. Serena keeps saying stupid ass shit like, "We live in a man's world," and "I don't know why I'm getting singled out because I've seen others do worse and get no fine."

Serena, Miss Ignorant Dumb Ass, your first mistake is basing your incident on other people. Joe Blow got away with it so why can't I? That's an excuse...pointing the finger...instead of just taking your punishment and moving the fuck on. I also believe that these other people never threatened to shove a tennis ball down the line judges fucking throat! The previous highest fine was around $28k for Jeff Tarango walking off a Wimbledon court and accusing the chair umpire of showing favoritism. WTF? $28k for an accusation. And Serena's bitching and complaining?!

Okay, I guess that's enough of my tennis ranting for now.

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