Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Wrestler (2008)

I just got finished watching The Wrestler (2008). Yes. I'm a few months or whatever behind compared to the rest of the world. It's not because I'm behind the times but more because I didn't want to waste rental on a movie that really wasn't that good even though some/many people have said it was a decent flick.

After watching, I can honestly say that I've seen worse...much, much worse. I'm not saying the movie is bad.

First, let me say that Mickey Rourke fit and played the part perfectly. It's a good thing his real-life physical appearance was a perfect match to Ram Jam's fucked up body and life. On that note, what the hell happened to Mickey Rourke? I mean, I've seen him on television interviews and shit but to see him consistently for an hour plus in a movie just left me scratching my head. I never thought he was an appealing guy (thank God, since I'm a guy) but apparently he was thought of as so by many others. Even though he wasn't eye-catching or appealing to me, he wasn't like an ogre either...but he looks like one now. He really seems like he had "Arnold envy" and decided to bulk up like other male actors/performers.

Second, how hot was Marisa Tomei!? I guess she was about 45 years old when she did this movie. The amount of naked boobs and thonged ass she showed was great and she looked great. It made me laugh in the scene where the young college-aged kids were telling her that she was old and shit. In real life, those little fuckers would have been pushing each other out of the way to get her to lap dance them!

Overall, the movie wasn't really exciting or thrilling. Don't get me wrong, as mentioned before, it wasn't a bad/horrible movie. It just wasn't a thrill-a-minute entertainment ride. It was interesting to see a movie on the job of wrestler(s) and what a close-knit family they seemed to be.

Anyway, rent it or borrow it from a buddy. It isn't fast-paced but it isn't dull either.

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